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Competitive Pricing

Comparative shoppers will discover that our prices are always competitive. Our prices are much lower than what you will find on the internet. We pride ourselves on keeping prices low. Shop around, you’ll be glad you did!


Pickup or Delivery . . . you choose.

All pickup locations are in the Ithaca area. Arrangements are made according to your schedule. 

Convenient and cost effective. We keep delivery cost low by delivering on our company owned trucks. When you factor in our delivery fee, your overall price will remain substantially less than any “Free Shipping” prices found on the internet. Furthermore, your fountain will arrive precisely when you requested. We will not ask you to be home for an entire morning, afternoon or day.‚Äč

  • City of Ithaca - $50
  • Town of Ithaca - $70
  • Tompkins County - $90
  • Beyond - Contact Us for a quote.

Weight restrictions may require an upcharge for additional delivery personal.