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Knowledge Base / FAQ

1. Which fountains produce the most soothing sound?
Each fountain produces a distinct sound, some are more soothing than others. We freely share our experience with customers.

2. Which ​patina​ do you recommend for my fountain choice?
Customers have fourteen different patinas to choose from. Specific colors are more appealing on specific fountains. Your garden setting will also determine which color is most appealing. If you need guidance, simply let us know and we will help.

3. Dramatic nighttime lighting is possible with a submersible LED light kit. Is this option appropriate for my fountain choice?
Again we can assist you in determining if enhanced lighting is appropriate for your fountain selection.

4. Where can I see examples of Campania garden accents in the landscape
Visit Six Mile Creek Winery where an Andalusia Fountain greets you at the front entrance. Take a trip to Knapp Winery and you can admire the Bisbalos Vase Fountain and the stately three tiered Vicobello Fountain. There are also several window boxes and containers on display.